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River View Celebrates World Book Day

River View Celebrates World Book Day 1 Creative characters have a crazy day!
River View Celebrates World Book Day 2 Captain Hook and his crew search for Peter Pan.
River View Celebrates World Book Day 3 We've found him...Captain!

World Book Day


At River View Primary and Nursery School on Thursday 5th March 2015, we celebrated World Book Day, where children and teachers alike dressed as their favourite book characters, in order to inspire young children to read for pleasure and enjoyment.


We had an amazing day, hundreds of characters stepped out of pages and began new adventures within the classroom environment - where the children met Peter Pan, Mudesa, The Cat In The Hat, Little Red Riding Hood and Captain Hook amongst other characters! 


Visitors from the local community, such as Reverend Tim, Burton Albion, Fire Fighters and Mr Stirland from Paulet, graced us with their presence and read their favourite books to the children. 


Activities ranged from reading short passages of favourite stories, to baking marmalade biscuits (for Paddington Bear), drawing an image of Peter Pan, making potions and wands, making amulets to ward off evil spirits and venturing upon a 'quest'. 


As a result of all the hard work, our children had a fantastic day - so too did the adults!


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