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'A Christmas Carol'


On Monday 23rd November, Year 1 travelled through time! In the morning, we did our learning as normal in the present day. But in the afternoon, we visited the past and the future!


We travelled back in time to the past to the Victorian times over 100 years ago. We saw what a Victorian classroom looks like and we played with lots of different Victorian toys.

We travelled forwards in time to the future. We had to scan our hands and eyes at the door to register and gain access to the classroom! We explored electronic and digital devices. We designed a toy for the future, using an app on the iPad.


In storytime, we have been reading and discussing 'Mickey's Christmas Carol'. We have been doing lots of writing in our English lessons about the book. We even got to watch the film one Friday morning!

We used Pie Corbett’s Talk 4 Writing to create a story map of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

We enjoyed being up on our feet using actions to act out the story!

Tomorrow we will use our story maps as a prompt to retell the story through writing.

We wrote shopping list for Scrooge so he could buy all the food for Christmas dinner with the Cratchit family. We then had a go at reading our shopping lists aloud.


In the afternoons, we have been learning about the Victorians in our history lessons.

Toy timeline


We looked at pictures by a Victorian artist called LS Lowry. We used the chrome books to create our own digital picture in the style of Lowry by dragging and dropping the buildings and the people to create our own scene.