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Anti-bullying workshop

Know the words

Today we had an anti-bullying week workshop which helped us to think about what it means to be kind and why it is important. First, we talked about positive words and how it might make somebody feel if we use them, as well as how they might feel if we do not use kind words. We then had fun creating some freeze-frames to represent different kind words. Next, we played a game in which we stood in a circle and when a person was pointed to, a letter was given and the people next to them had to rush to say a positive word beginning with that letter, the first to say something was the winner!


I am Outstanding

We then went around our circle and each of us said something about ourselves which we are good at, followed by a pose to represent our skill. The rest of the class then repeated our skill and the pose!


Not just voices

For this activity we were walking around the room and the teacher tapped one person on the shoulder – that person then needed to show in their face a body language how they would feel if somebody was unkind to them. If anybody else saw a person standing like that they then needed to do the same. This activity showed that when a person is unkind to somebody else, it can have an effect on everybody around them, not just the person they were unkind to.


Do speak up – Kindly

Next, we stood in lines in our groups. one person was secretly chosen to be the person who would sabotage the team. Everybody then closed their eyes and the person at the back was given a letter to draw on the back of the person in front of them. This was them repeated to the front of the line. The sabotagers were good, because no team ended with the correct letter! We then all worked as a team to use kind words and try to find out who the sabotager was.


Finally, we were given in our groups a scenario of somebody being unkind to another person which we created as a freeze frame. We then discussed as a class what we could do to make the situation better, and we fixed our scenarios to make them a positive one.


We learned in this session how important it is to be kind to people no matter what. And that negative words can have a very big impact. We also learned that it is okay to be different, and everybody has their strengths which we should always support and praise.