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Author visit!

On Tuesday 25th January, Eamonn Reilly came to visit our school. He did an assembly where he spoke about the books he has written. He told us that his latest book, 'The British Spy School' is going to be made into a film soon and he is very excited about this!


At the end of the assembly he answered some of our questions.

Here are some of the questions Year 2 had for him:

  • How many books have you written? - Kade
  • Do you have any pets? - Minnie
  • Are your books funny? - Minnie
  • How much do you earn from writing books? - Haya
  • Why do you write books? - Lilly
  • How many books do you write in a week? - Indie
  • When do you work? Do you work at the weekend? - Emily
  • Where do you work? - Minnie


Throughout the assembly, he gave us some writing challenges that we could try at home or in our English lesson at school:

  1. Write a description of your den.
  2. Write an alternative ending for the story of 'The Lookouts'.
  3. Write a story about someone losing something precious.
  4. Write a story with a heart-breaking dilemma.
  5. Write sentences to say what you'd want your best friend to be like.