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Feedback from Week 1- 4th May

Week 1

Thank you to all of those children and parents who sent work this week. We were very impressed and we've added some photos.


You are recalling shape names and properties of shapes. Well done. 

Can you quickly recall the number of faces and shapes on the 3d shapes you have learnt about?

For example-A cube has 6 faces and each face is a square shape.



Brilliant instruction writing. You used adverbs and imperative verbs in your writing. 

Don't forget to check your sentences for full stops and capital letters.


Foundation Subjects

We loved the art work! It was so colourful and great to see you using objects that you have at home. We were also impressed with your history and knowledge about the Shang Dynasty. We loved the Chinese writing.



Some photos of your learning...

...and more learning.