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Feedback - Crocus Class

It was lovely to talk to most of you last week and to hear how well you are getting on with your online learning.  Even though you have been working hard with your school work, it was nice to hear that you have been having fun with your families too.Thank you to those who have sent pictures in of the work you have created. If you want to share any work with me, you can email it to .



This week you have been busy using your imaginations to write your own part of the story Fantastic Beasts (I loved reading this book- If you like reading Harry Potter, you will like this book). Your writing was very creative and I enjoyed seeing those commas after a fronted adverbial. Remember to vary your sentence types (simple, compound and complex) by using a range of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. 




You were carrying on from last week's learning but looking more closely at area this week. You have had a good go at the questions and it is nice to see that you are remembering to put the units (cm2) at the end of the answer. When it comes to finding the area, it is always good to be fluent in doubling and halving. Hit the button is good for this smiley.



I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Henry VIII and the Tudors. I know a have few children in my class who enjoy beatboxing so I hope the rhythmic patterns helped you to create some masterpieces. I would love to see some of them.


Well done team! You are doing a fabulous job especially the adults that are helping you at home.


Stay safe.


Miss Martin