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Feedback from Week 2-11th May

Thank you to all of the children who have sent in work. It has been wonderful to look through it all and see your progress.



I hope you have enjoyed reading parts of the Firework Maker's Daughter. In your individual lessons you were learning about making inferences as well as character descriptions. Remember that when you write your character descriptions, you can include those expanded noun phrases to add more detail and don't forget you need to add a comma in between those two adjectives that make that expanded noun phrase.



This week you have been carrying on with your shape work. When we were at school and learning shape you did incredibly well with it and I am sure your learning came back to you while completing the work this week. Remember when completing a shape pattern, look carefully at each of the shapes so you can repeat it correctly.



I hope you have enjoyed your History learning on the Shang Dynasty as well as your science learning on light and dark. I am sure you are now fantastic Scientists that can describe all about how light, your eyes and your brain all work together to help you see objects.


Stay safe and keep up all the fantastic work! smiley

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Great learning continues...