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Feedback from Week 4 - 1st June

Lots of children have been busy with this week's learning and you even managed to persevere with the amazing hot weather. We are so proud of you.



You have read a lot more about The Firework Maker's Daughter. Philip Pullman is an excellent author and perhaps you might like to find out some more books that he's written. Your spellings are improving and I'm pleased to see top marks in the Friday Quiz.

Remember to keep looking for different sentence types when you are reading and writing. You will be grammar experts.  




At school you were amazing at fractions and you continue to astound me with more knowledge and understanding. Always check the numerators and denominators when you read a fraction- the numerator is the number  and the denominator how many equal parts the quantity or shape has.



I hope you have enjoyed learning some French this week courtesy of Madame Baker. Your art has brightened my day. Every time I receive photos of your learning it makes me smile- especially when I see all the portraits made from lots of different materials. You are excellent artists! yes


Keep up all your fantastic work you have been doing.