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Feedback from Week 6-15th June

Thank you to all of you for sending your amazing learning this week



I know lots of you are enjoying The Firework Maker's Daughter and some of you have even been able to get your own copy of the book-how brilliant that is! I loved reading the haikus that you wrote and you remembered to use the correct number of syllables in your poem. Your spellings are continuing to improve, with some great scores on the spelling quizzes - well done! 



It has been maths and measurement this week and it has been pleasing to see that you can measure in litres and millilitres which will be very useful when you are cooking or making a delicious milkshake.

Always remember to check the intervals between the markings-1,2,5 0r 10?



You have been busy with your foundation subjects this week!

We hope you have enjoyed your French courtesy of Madam Baker. We have seen some lovely pictures of you exploring shadows and have been impressed with your understanding of transparent and opaque objects. 

There have been lots of facts about Judaism and facts about the Torah. In science you were investigating shadows and creating a puppet theatre. There have also been great ideas in art for a terrarium. 


Key Worker Bubbles 

Some of you have been in school this week and it has been lovely to see and hear your enthusiasm about your learning and new school routines. Your bubble teachers have continued to be impressed by your enthusiasm too.