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Feedback from Week 7-22nd June

Thank you to all the wonderful work we have received this week. It has been fantastic to read and look through it all.



Well done on another successful week of writing. You have really done well with your skills on retrieval and you can now summarise very well. Remember when you are writing you could try including some of the spellings you have been learning, that way it will show that you can use them appropriately.



Well done on another week of measures. You have done really well to solve problems with capacity. Remember to use the RUCSAC method when solving these problems, it will help you to show your working out and check your answers.



Your learning on Judaism has started to really progress this week so to have your ark skills. You have also learnt a lot about Space that linked really well to your light and dark work in Science last time.


Keep up the good work!

Brilliant Home Learning