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Feedback - Iris Class


This week you have been working with the book Fantastic Beasts, it is a great book!  You have been able to work on your retrieval skills and look at the vocabulary used.  Later on in the week, you were able to look at the structure of the text and have a go at continuing the story.  I would love to see how some of you are getting on with your writing! 




You have continued to look at area this week.  You have been able to put the skills you learnt last week into practise.  Remember when looking at area, it is good to have an understanding of doubling and halving.  Hit the button is a good website for this, you could also use TT Rockstars. 



I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Henry VIII and the Tudors. You have also been looking at reflection in Science and you have been able to have a go at beatboxing using rhythmic patterns.  Don't forget to send in any work you have completed.  I would love to see it!


Well Done for working hard, you are all doing so well and you should be proud of yourselves! 


Stay Safe 


Miss Barker smiley