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Feedback - Iris Class


We have started off our learning with some poetry. We had great fun writing our poems together in class and it has been lovely to see how you have continued to develop these skills with your writing at home.  I have really enjoyed reading through your work!  Don't forget you can draft the basics of the poem first and then go back and add in some figurative language after to add description for the reader. 



This week you were learning about area and perimeter. You have applied your knowledge from what we have learnt so far on this topic and some of you have made some great progess. It is always good to keep refreshing your memory of the properties of shapes so keep it up .




I hope you enjoyed learning the Henry VIII song this week and it didn't get stuck in your head too much! You are all doing brilliantly with your work and you are adapting so well to all of the new topics you are learning. I hope you enjoyed learning about light and learning some new songs in music.  I would love to see how you are getting on with the songs and if you have completed any experiments in science. 



Missing you all and hoping you are staying safe


Miss Barker smiley