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Weekly Feedback - Orchids

Week 1


Hello Orchids! Thank you to all of you that have emailed in some work for us to see. It has been great to see what you have being getting up to, including those of you that have been doing some extra curricular work - like the person that sent an encouraging poster to the people working at their local Co-op and received a thank you gift of some sweeties in return. Well done for being so kind and thoughtful!




Thank you for the interesting instructions I have seen. Now I know how to look after a robot... and a cat! Remember to use capital letters for each new instruction and use time conjunctions to make the order of instructions clear.




Keep practising your times tables! Remember it's important to know these for a lot of areas of maths. A good knowledge of times tables also helps us to understand division, so practice, practice, practice! One good way is to play the throw and catch game where each person says the next number in a times table as they catch the ball.


I look forward to seeing what you send in next week. Keep up the good work and remember to email in any work that you complete.smiley


Mr Bradshaw and Mrs Buckingham