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Weekly Feedback - Tulips

Week 1 - I have loved receiving photos and videos this week from my class!



I particularly enjoyed one video where a child explained how to find a third of a quantity using his VE day bunting! We all need to remember to practice our times tables to make these calculations as speedy as possible. 



I was so excited to see an amazing set of instructions for how to make the Homework-Bot work. I saw colons being used accurately, time conjunctions, rhetorical questions and appropriate text structure! Well done! Let's all make it our target to show off our handwriting next week. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful joins! 



Thankfully, I have managed to speak to most of you this week and it was lovely to hear your cheerful voices and lots of you spoke about how much you are enjoying the Science sessions in particular. I would enjoy seeing some of your hard work. I wonder what will happen in our experiment.... 


I love looking at all the activities you have been doing, both from Oak National activities and other challenges. I miss you all very much and am looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week. 


Mrs J smiley


Week 2 - Please remember to send in anything you have been doing, I would love to see it. I have missed seeing all your hard work. 


Mrs J smiley

Week 3 



I am really pleased to be receiving more maths work this week. I love fractions and hope you are learning to too! 

CHALLENGE - What words from our fraction vocabulary wall can be made from each of these anagrams? Email when you have worked all three out! 


1) manor true

2) vital queen

3) tornado mine




There have been some AMAZING spelling scores this week which is great to see. We have so many tricky rules in the English language so remembering them all is hard work but you are doing brilliantly.

I have loved reading your beautiful pieces of writing. I particularly enjoyed this piece - it deserves to be read aloud. Such great sounds about a morning at home but I do wonder who was knocking at the door.... 


I can't wait to see what you get up to over half term. Have the best week. I miss you all lots!! 


Mrs J smiley

Week 4 

I have been really impressed with the hard work that has happened in school this week. Here are some examples of some writing and maths I am particularly proud of.