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Week 1- Feedback. 4th May

Week 1

Thank you to all of those children and parents who sent work into the email

We have been working very hard, looking through your work to give you some feedback. We look forward to seeing what work you do next week!



Well done to those of you who continued to recongise your numbers to 20. Some of you were able to independantly add and subtract these numbers as well as finding one more and one less. 


It would be lovely to see some of you writing your own number sentences and showing how you solved these.


We have seen some excellent writing this week! Some of you are remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when you write, this is excellent! 


Don't forget to use a sound mat, this will help to improve your spellings.



This week was all about me! Some of you were able to correctly name a range of body parts, well done! Lots of you have been working very hard to find a range of materials in your home too, some of you have even labelled different materials!


It would be good if next you could compare a range of materials, saying what is similar and what is different! 


Keep up the good work!

Week 1