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Feedbackfrom Week 3-18th May

Thank you to all the children who have again sent work in for us to have a look at. We have really enjoyed reading and looking through it all.



You have continued your learning with the book The Firework Maker's Daughter with great success. You have written some great setting descriptions this week and have really added in detail using adjectives to describe. Remember that you can use the senses to help with these descriptions and really make the reader feel that they are there.



You have again completed some wonderful work with shape. I'm sure your shape knowledge is now fantastic! Remember that when you are rotating shapes that you check you have rotated them the correct way, sometimes we can make slight mistakes.



I hope you have enjoyed learning some French this week courtesy of Madame Baker. Your art learning is developing over the weeks and I am sure you are turning into some fantastic artists, you are now able to create a portrait by looking at the specific features and re-creating them with natural materials.


Keep up all your fantastic work you have been doing. 

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