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Iris Class Feedback



You completed your unit on measures this week.  Over the course of the week you looked at planning and developing strategies to help you solve money, weight and time problems.  Some of these lessons required you to look back at what we have done previously and recap your understanding of fractions.  I know you were fantastic at this!  You also had to revisit negative numbers this week. I would love to see how you are getting on with your maths.




It has been lovely to see some of the work you have been doing at home in English! This week you were looking at non-chronological reports. You had to use your reading skills that you have developed to skim and scan to find information, you then looked at the features and structure of a non-chronological report and looked at conjunctions in more detail.  Remember to send in the fantastic work you have been completing!




In foundation this week, you focused on RE, Science and Art.  You explored the religion of Islam and why Saudi Arabia is important in the Islamic faith.  In Science, you continued with your learning about light looking at Isaac Newton and his great discoveries! In Art, you explored the work of Vincent Van Gogh and created some work of your own, I would love to see this!


Keep up the fantastic work and remember to send it in for me to see!


Stay Safe smiley


Miss Barker