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Iris Class Feedback


You have all been working really hard at finding and converting measurements, it requires you to use your times tables knowledge a lot! You have all been so resilient with this which is great to see! I would love to see some more of your work to see how you are getting on.  I know some of the work has been quite challenging this week so I had a go and have shown you how I would have found my answers!



I would love to see how you are getting on with your writing, I am missing reading your newspaper reports! That reminds me, I wonder how the new mysterious flower is getting on in forest schools!? Keep working hard and please send in anything you have completed.



I hoped you enjoyed the topic about Henry VIII- I have always found The Tudors fascinating! I haven't seen any of your singing or your work yet! I have heard from Jacob that he has been learning Spanish! Let me know if any of you have been learning something new!


Also a massive well done to Riley W, Maha, Isaac and Ollie who are keeping up with their times tables practice on TT Rockstars!


Keep up with the hard work and stay safe!!


Miss Barker smiley