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Mission 1

Project Friday – Commando Joe

Friday 6th May 2022

Mission 1: “Fresh water is the most important resource”


Task Mission:

To transfer water from a river source into containers, ready for filtration.

Target Character behaviours:

Self-discipline, honesty, determination, adaptability, persistence


Today, we had our first mission in our new Commando Joe topic for Project Friday. We found out that we are going to be completing survival missions based on British adventurer Bear Grylls!

We have been dropped in the Himalayan region of Jammu, and each week we are going to complete different challenges in order to survive.

For our first mission, we needed to transfer water from a water source to our camp. We had only small drain pipes to do this and it took a lot of practise and team work to get it right!

We worked out in the end that the best way to complete this mission would be to work together with everybody, to share our equipment and to all make sure that the water travels safely without spilling! 6 pipes made the mission a lot easier than just one, and more people helping meant that the pipes would be a lot more stable.

The playground was very wet by the time we had finished! But we all had a great time and we cannot wait for our next mission!

Mission 1 Photos