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Mission 2

Project Friday – Commando Joe

Friday 13th May 2022

Mission 2: “You are what you eat”

Task Mission:

To retrieve as much food as possible from a nearby food drop point.

Target Character behaviours:

Self-discipline, patience, co-operation, creativity

For our second Commando Joe mission, we needed to gather food for our team, since rations have been running low.

First, we talked about how having lots of food is not necessarily the most important thing to think about, and we need to make sure that we also have a balanced diet, with enough of each of the food groups to keep us healthy.

We had a bucket with different coloured balls in which represented different food groups. We needed to make sure that we got a healthy amount of each but they were surrounded by rough terrain which couldn’t be walked on. We needed to work as a team using buckets, rope and bamboo sticks to try to retrieve the food.

We all worked well and found ways to collect some of the balls. One team was able to collect a great balance of the coloured balls! However, we did not collect enough balls to feed the whole team. Should we share with the rest of the team?

Mission 2 Photos