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Mission 3

Project Friday – Commando Joe

Friday 20th May 2022

Mission 3: “Always go with the flow”

Task Mission:

To design and build a bridge to successfully cross a fast-flowing river.

Target Character behaviours:

Inquires, helpful, courageous, pride and influences

For our third Commando Joe mission, we needed to design and build a sturdy bridge to cross the raging Tawi River!

First, we discussed with our team the best way to make a bridge which we could build without entering the river, and would hold not only us, but our food and water supplies as well. We used tyres and planks of wood, as well as rope and bamboo canes.

Every member of our team did a fantastic job of working together, we listened to each other’s ideas and successfully built a bridge which could hold everything which we needed it to. As well as this, we made sure to show encouragement for the team members crossing the bridge, and some of us even offered help to others by providing a hand or a piece of equipment to hold on to.

Mission 3 Photos