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Monday 18th May

Hello Year 6!

Welcome to your home learning area. Here you will find the website links and any extra things you might need to complete your learning at home. Please do let us know if there is anything else you need to complete the tasks set for you. You will need paper and a pen/pencil for all of your lessons.


We would love to see the work you produce so please email it to us at In the subject box, write your class and your name so it gets sent to us. You can also use Twitter to showcase your work. Use @RiverView_PS or @OakNational or #LearnWithOak.


Please go to this website to access your home learning! How exciting!


Now, we're a couple of weeks behind the website so don't worry about what week it says it is on there, listen to what week we want you to work on.  This week is WEEK 3.


Click on the link above. It will take you to the Year 6 page. Scroll down to where Week 3 lessons are. You then can select the lesson you want to do. Follow the instructions to watch the lesson video and to access the worksheets they discuss. 

Oak National have now got assemblies and PE with Joe on the website which you might decide to have a look at. 


Joy of Moving Festival

The Joy of Moving Festival has been put together by the English Football League. Given the times we’re currently in, they know that children are unlikely to get to have fun at their sports day this year, so as it was the International Day of Families on the 15th May, they have launched our Joy of Moving Home School Festival! They have developed lots of games and activities for you and your kids to try out for an afternoon of fun – right from your own homes! All the games and activities have been created to help get your child active while they are playing and help to boost your child’s development and learning.