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Harvest Festival Celebration

Harvest Festival Celebrations


Key Stage 1 (EYFS, Years 1&2) will hold their Harvest Festival in the school Hall on Wednesday 10th October, time 2:00 pm


Key Stage 2 (Years 3/4/5/6) will hold their Harvest Festival in the school Hall on  Friday 12th October at 2:00pm.


The assemblies will be led by Reverend Mike Renshaw but then each class will be contributing with a selection of songs, poems, prayers etc.  Parents are welcome to attend and join in this traditional celebration.


River View school will be collecting food as part of our harvest festival celebration, all food donated  will be given to the Burton YMCA food bank who provide emergency food parcels to families in need.  Last year, they supplied 1,356 families with emergency food parcels in this region.


If you would like to donate any food items the Burton YMCA, they welcome tinned products, pasta and pasta sauces, coffee and tea bags, sugar, jam, cereals and instant noodles/pasta.  Please ensure all food is still in date.


There will be a competition to see which year group can donate the most food.