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SEND Termly Learning Conference (TLC)

SEND Termly Learning Conference (TLC)

(known previously as SEND Parents' Evening)


For the past two years we have offered the Parents/Carers of children with additional needs the opportunity to attend an extended Termly Learning Conference. We have found this a fantastic opportunity to discuss the personalised paperwork that supports each child's needs.


After each meeting Parents/Carers are given a questionnaire to complete to help us to work with them and move forward together. Here are the results of the questionnaire completed after our recent Termly Learning Conference:


River View Primary and Nursery School

SEND Parental Questionnaire Results

October 2018




Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
I know the targets that my child is working on.



I know how I can support my child at home.

94% 6%    
I am happy with the interventions and extra support my child is getting in school. 100%      

I feel that the school is approachable if I have any concerns about my child.

I feel that my child is making good progress at school. 82% 18%    
I feel that the staff working with my child are knowledgeable about my child’s needs. 100%