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Our Stone Age Day!

On Tuesday 5th November, Year 3 had a very exciting visitor - Dr Ian! He was an archeologist and taught us lots of exciting and new information about the Stone Age. 


We used a tape measure to see how long ago the Stone Age actually was. Each metre represented 1000 years and we had to roll out a whole 12m to get to the very start of the Old Stone Age. Dr Ian showed us the three stages of the Stone Age: Paleolithic (old), Mesolithic (middle) and Neolithic (new). 


In the morning, we became archeologists! We excavated some artefacts, classified them based on their materials, researched them and created our own museum using the information. We found so many exciting objects. 

In the afternoon, we used clay to form our own Stone Age ceramics. Dr Ian showed us two methods to make a pot - thumb pots and coil pots. We also looked at the variety of decorations that the Stone Age people used such as finger prints, finger nails and string lines. We will be bringing our beautiful pots home soon so you can see our final products soon. 

We also completed a range of other tasks that helped us to think about how hard life was in the Stone and Bronze Age. 


- We used a quern stone to grind our grain. 

- We made bracelets with wooden beads and clay. 

- We created beautiful tapestry using a loom and fur. 

- We used a rock to split the fibres in a nettle stem so we could make nettle string. 

- We arranged broken pottery. 


It was a great day and we had lots of fun. Thank you Dr Ian!