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Our Winners w/c 14th March

Wow - what a week for Writing in Year 5! We wrote some amazing myths and our teacher was so proud of us! Here are the names of the winners alongside the reasons as to why they were nominated!


Rhea Edwards - stunning myth, fabulous use of figurative language, great progress made


Leila Hussaini - another great myth and a very good idea of how rain, snow and the sun we're created. Making lots of progress 


Mason Crisp - again, making lots of progress, sentence structure improved a great deal 


Gabriela Pizika - one of the best myths I've ever read from a child. Stunning use of metaphors. A real pleasure to mark her work


Kayden Iliff-Morris - tried so hard in his myth and was very proud of him. Lovely manipulation of clauses throughout 


Ella Stokes - such a give imagination. Another thrilling myth 


Harry Redfern - made such progress with pace of writing, handwriting presentation and spellings. Really thinks and cares about his writing.