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I wonder… What do penguins need to live?


We shared what we already knew about penguins:

They have feathers.                    They can’t fly.               They can swim really fast.

They are black and white.                They have a beak.              Their wings are flippers.


We discussed where we thought penguins live:

Do they live in igloos?               Do they live in the North Pole?

Do they live in the Arctic?                Do they live where there is lots of ice?


Then we used iPads, fact files, photographs and videos to find more information about penguins and their habitat (where they live).


We found out that lots of penguins live in Antarctica, where the South Pole is. It is very cold, with lots of ice, snow and water, so the penguins have to keep warm by huddling!


We learnt that some penguins live in warmer places like South Africa, Australia and South America. They can live on beaches and in forests! We looked at a map of the world which showed us that penguins only live in the bottom half of the world (the Southern Hemisphere).

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