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Daisies star writer 14.3.22

Poppy is our star writer this week. She has really taken feedback on board and has tried to make her writing smaller and neater. She is using full sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. She is also using her newly taught sounds in her writing. Keep up the fantastic work!

Daffodils Star Writer- 7th March 2022



Meradith is Daffodils Star Writer this week! Meradith is our star writer because she always tries so hard with her writing. In her writing she wrote all her sentences independently and she didn't give up. I am very proud and impressed with how Meradith is doing with her writing. Well done Meradith!

Daffodils Star Writer 14.2.22 



Daffodils Star Writer this week is Aleksa! Aleksa is our star writer because she always tries so hard with her writing and she is always willing to have a go. Aleksa is now trying hard to write sentences independently, which she is getting much more confident at. Well done Aleksa! 

Daisies star writer 14.2.22

Omari is Daisies star writer, because he independently wrote a sentence! He has been trying really hard to use the sounds he knows in his writing. Keep up the great work!

Daffodils Star Writer 13.1.22

Kacper has been chosen as Daffodils Star Writer this week! Kacper has made a lot of progress from the start of the year. He is now writing two word phrases and hearing all of the sounds in the words he is writing independently. Well done Kacper! 

Daisies star writer 10.1.22

Georgia was chosen for star writer in Daisies class this week. This is due to her enthusiasm for writing! Georgia has been working incredibly hard on trying to write sentences independently and now she is writing several all by herself. Keep up the great work Georgia! 

Daffodils Star Writer Autumn 2

Gracie-Mae is Daffodils Star Writer! Gracie-Mae is trying really hard to form her letter shapes and she is hearing so many more sounds in the words she is using. Well done! 

Daisies star writer Autumn 2

Daisies star writer is Skyla! She is trying really hard to form her letters correctly. She is now hearing and writing initial sounds as well as her first name! Well done.