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Trying different foods from around the world

Today, we completed a class quiz in which we saw pictures of foods from all over the world and we guessed what country they were from. Some of them were very tricky, but others we found were very easy. Next, we had an exciting time trying different foods from around the world! We thought about the look, smell, taste and texture of each, and rated them out of 5. We tried poppadoms from India, breadsticks from Italy, croissants from France, bagels from the USA, egg fried rice from China, olives from Spain and tortilla chips with salsa dip from Mexico! (Not many people liked the olives!)

Next, in groups we used one of the foods we had tried and created a fact file about that food, looking for the ingredients, the way it is cooked and also a fun fact about that food. Did you know that croissants weren’t originally from France?