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w/c 8th June 2020

Bubble charter

We discussed the rules that we need to follow now that we are back in school. We wrote our names in bubbles and stuck these around the charter on our classroom door to show that we agree with them and that we will try our best to follow them.

Bubble paintings!

We blew into a cup of paint and washing-up liquid to make bubbles. We placed our paper over the cup to fill our paper with blue and green bubbles!

We drew pictures of the people in our bubble and stuck them onto our bubble painting backgrounds. We have stuck our paintings up around the Snowdrops classroom door to show everyone who is in our bubble.

Number bonds

In maths, we found number bonds to 10 and 20 by dividing the paper strips into two hoops. We wrote the number bonds into part-whole models.

Past tense verbs

Dinosaur pictures

We did finger painting to decorate the dinosaurs. We used coloured crayons to create a background showing a habitat that dinosaurs would like to live in. Then we cut out the dinosaurs and stuck them onto our backgrounds.