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Week 1 Feedback

Welcome to year 5's online learning feedback for the week beginning Monday 4th May.


Thank you to all of the children who sent work this week. We were extremely impressed with all your hard work. If you have work from this week that you have not emailed over to us yet please send it to Keystage2@riverview.staffs.sch.ukWe would love to see it! 



You have started looking at shapes in Maths and shown a good understanding of translating shapes. It is clear that you remembered the learning well from year 4 and applied your knowledge of coordinates and translations to transform the shapes into different positions and sizes. You have also worked systematically to translate the shapes and your neat presentation has helped you to accurately answer the questions. Well done. 




We have received some outstanding setting descriptions. You included fronted adverbials and adjectives in your writing to really build a picture in the readers mind. 

Don't forget to use figurative language such as similes and metaphors to continue to build up the description in your writing. 


Foundation Subjects

We hope you enjoyed creating your patchwork of textures by creating rubbings from objects around your house and garden! In Science, you revised your knowledge of rocks from year 3, we hoped you all enjoyed this week's science lessons. We were really impressed with your historical knowledge about the Medieval Monarchs. You all took on the challenge of learning a brand new topic and it has been great to see some of your history work!




Your Work