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Week 2 - Feedback for 11th May

Week 2 Feedback (11th May)


Thank you to all of those children and parents who sent work into the email


You are all working so hard. We have been very impressed with your work. We cannot wait to see what you achieve next week! 




You have been trying hard with learning about groups, including making equal groups and comparing them.


You have been building on previous knowledge of counting numbers from 0-20, knowing one more and less than a number and counting in 2's. 


It would be great if you could continue to practise counting in 2's and 5's. We would love to see a video of you practising! You can use the videos on the plan for support.


Show an adult what you have learnt:

Look at the first group of pictures below - can you tell an adult which group has more?


Look at the second group of pictures below - can you tell an adult which group has fewer?



Thank you for sending us some examples of your work this week with Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We are so proud of how hard you are trying. 


You are starting to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when you write. Fantastic work!


Don't forget to access the daily phonics session on Ruth Miskin's Youtube channel. Remember if you are unsure what set of sounds to focus on then please email the address above.


Here are the links:


We love books here and we know sometimes one is not enough! So here is a link to more amazing stories:





This week was all about people who help us.


You have been learning about the importance of washing your hands. You have been thinking about what you want to be when you grow up and learning about different people who help us. The possibilities are endless! We know that many of you have a rainbow in your window already and that you have been learning the rainbow song alongside it. You also made a rainbow using water!


It would be lovely if you work with an adult to fill in the missing word in the sentences below. Show them how much you know about people who help us!




Here a few examples of your work from this week!