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Week 3 Feedback

Welcome to year 5's online learning feedback for the week beginning Monday 18th May.


Thank you to all of the children who sent work this week. We were extremely impressed with all your hard work. If you have work from this week that you have not emailed over to us yet please send it to Keystage2@riverview.staffs.sch.ukWe would love to see it!



It has been great seeing a variety of children's work this week. There has been a great deal of times table knowledge needed over the past week's learning and this will continue after half term. Make sure you are regularly accessing TT Rock Stars as this will help keep that knowledge in the forefront of your minds. 



In the homework that we have seen there have been some great comprehension skills shown. You have been able to infer and answer questions about the text well. Watch out for the spelling of homophones!


This week you have also been writing persuasive letters and developing your grammar knowledge by learning about lists of three. It has been great to see so many of you continuing to practise your handwriting at home and we have received lots of beautifully written pieces of work. 



We have greatly enjoyed seeing all your work on British Monarchs. It has been great seeing you develop your knowledge of King Henry VIII. We can see that most of you now know what he is most known for and how he changed England whilst he was king. Keep showing resilience with your science learning. 

Your awesome work