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Week 4 - Feedback 1st June

Week 4 Feedback (1st June)


Thank you to all of those who are sending work to the email:






This week you have been counting up to 20. You have been using objects to help you count. You have also been learning one more and one less than a number.


You have been ordering numbers up to 20 - you have tried hard with this. Just remember to double check by counting them and checking the number before you move on.


You have also learnt about place value with numbers within 20. You have tried hard with counting objects. Always remember to check your work. Well done.


Show an adult what you have learnt:

Count the fruits and tell an adult how many there are-




Thank you  for those who have sent us your work about Hansel and Gretel.


We have seen some really interesting sweet designs. You have been drawing a picture of the witch which look great.


Don't forget to label your sweet and your witch and use the RWI sound mats for support.


You have been trying so hard at writing the story of Hansel and Gretel.  You are continuing to use some capital letters and full stops. Remember to use those finger spaces to make your writing clear.


Keep up your hard work.

Don't forget to practise your letter formation:



This week was all about habitats.


You have been learning about different habitats. We have loved seeing you providing a habitat for your teddy bear. They look great.


You have been learning about rainforest animals and learning different actions for the animals. Don't be afraid to join in. You are amazing.


You have also been constructing your own minibeast and they look FANTASTIC. Remember you can create your own minibeast habitat as well.


Why don't you go on a minibeast hunt outside and see what you can find? Take lots of photographs and send them to us.