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Week 6 - Feedback for 15th June

Week 6 Feedback (15th June)


Thank you to all of those who are sending work to the email:




Wow - this week you have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.


We have seen some great shape sorting that you have been doing. You are now beginning to recognise the different shapes and the features of them. Remember to ask an adult if you are unsure of the shape names.


You have learnt to create shape patterns - I wonder if you could create your own shape patterns?


You have also been finding 3D shapes in the environment, you tried hard to find different objects.


Here are a few more activities if you wanted to show an adult how much you have learnt!

Can you copy these and finish the patterns?

Can you tell an adult which 3D and 2D shapes match the object?



This week you have been learning about Space!


We have some seen some fantastic new planets which you designed. I would love to be able to visit them.


You have also been writing about your favourite part of the story. You have tried incredibly hard. You have remember to use a full stop and capital letters. Don't forget those important finger spaces.


The aliens you created are the best we have seen! Thank you for sending us the pictures.


I have attached this video. It links to what we will be learning about next week if you would like to listen to the story:





This week was all about all about Growing. You have been talking and discussing about how much you have changed since you were born. What an incredible journey!


You have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods and you have been creating your own healthy plates. They look delicious! Some of you have even wrote about them! Well done!


You have been making mosaic art using natural materials and you been creating food art and they look great!

If you wanted to create more mosaics you could find some other types of materials or paper and cut them into squares and design a different shape.









You are doing a great job - don't forget to send us pictures and videos as we love seeing you how are getting on at home! We are also always here if you need anything.





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