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Week 7 - Feedback for 22nd June

Week 7 Feedback (22nd June)


Thank you to all of those who are sending work to the email:

Please continue to send us your work, including photographs, videos etc, we love seeing what you are doing and it will help us to help you!




This week you have been learning about doubling and halving. You have been using physical objects to help you and recording answers. Remember that if you forget what doubling is - you can use any type of physical objects to support yourself at home including: lego, dry pasta, crayons etc.


Well done for trying hard at counting pictures and trying to share them.


Here are a few more activities if you wanted to show an adult how much you have learnt!


(You could use practical objects instead of using the cheese and the marbles in the jar to work out the answers):




This week you have been learning and writing about buses and writing post cards!


You have come up with some really imaginative ideas about where your bus might using the bus route. Remember to label your route map using the sound mats for support.


You have been designing some fantastic post cards. I wonder if Miss Beatty and Miss Holmes will receive one?


Why don't you do a traffic survey tick list from your home? I wonder what vehicles you might see! Will you see any buses?



This week was all about all about 'Under the Sea'.


Your sensory bottles look amazing. We feel like we are looking at the sea when we look at them!


We have seen you do some great sea animal actions and yoga. Can you make up any of your own actions?


Your sea creatures look fantastic and very look very real. Please take good care of them!