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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


The Year 2 classes are called Poppies and Lilacs.


In Lilacs, our teacher is Mrs Mansbridge and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cotton.


In Poppies, our teacher is Mrs McMinn and our teaching assistant is Mr Stokes.


This is the Year 2 timetable for the Spring term.



Year 2 have PE on a Thursday, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for this. Your child’s PE kit should include black shorts, a white t-shirt, jogging bottoms, pumps, and trainers. Please write your child’s name in all items of clothing to ensure they do not get lost. We recommend that children keep their PE kit on their peg at school, and take it home at the end of every half term to be washed. We ask that on PE days, your child comes to school with long hair tied back and any jewellery removed.

Class Codes

In our classes we have designed our own class charter with rules which we think are important.

We always use our RICHER values:







Children who demonstrate good RICHER values are rewarded with dojos, special RICHER value stickers, and can even be chosen to be a RICHER value champion! 


The children have been learning about the characters who are based on the RICHER values.

Star Writers!

We are always on the look out for amazing writing! Here you will find the children who have been chosen as our 'Star Writer' of the week and a photo of their fantastic work.



Each half term, your child will receive a ‘Dynamite Dollar’ homework sheet with challenges linked to the current topic. We now request that you submit all homework over Google Classroom.


In addition to this, children are expected to read to an adult at home a minimum of four times a week, using books sent home from school and books you have at home if you wish.

Dynamite Dojo Homework Sheet - Spring 1

Dynamite Dojo Homework Sheet - Autumn 2

Dynamite Dojo Homework Sheet - Autumn 1

Spring Term

This term, our topic is 'Indian Spice'. We will be learning about India and comparing it to England.

Autumn Term

This term, our topic is 'Wonder Women'. We are learning about how women in the past have had an impact on the world we live in today.

Spring 1

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

The Jolly Christmas Postman


'A Miracle in Town'



Year 1 and 2 have been working hard for several weeks, preparing their Christmas performance 'A Miracle in Town'. On Wednesday 15th December, we did two fantastic performances in front of audiences. You can find photos of the cast by clicking on the links below.

Learning Links


Here is an overview of what the children in Year 2 will be covering in French this term. 

This term, the children will…

  • Take part in the traditional celebration of Epiphany.
  • Name and identify various farm animal.
  • Create masks of farm animals as part of the traditional annual celebration of carnival.
  • Take part in a tasting session to celebrate French Pancake Day.
  • Join in rhymes, stories and songs to explore the pattern of the language.
  • Name the days of the week.
  • Identify and pronounce various items of clothing.
  • Identify/ name vocabulary associated with the weather.
  • Explore the various traditions associated with Easter in France.


The children will start the term taking part in activities that will familiarise them with the cultural tradition celebrated in France during Epiphany. They will learn about the 3 kings/wise men and the ‘king’s pie’ associated with them.

They will be introduced to a wide range of farm animals and will practice identifying the relevant vocabulary in various ways: games, songs (old Mc Donald’s farm and ‘dans ma ferme il y a …’), rhymes and stories (‘The little red hen’ and ‘The gingerbread man’). We will link this to the traditions of carnival and Shrove Tuesday celebrated in France in February /March time before exploring the French customs taking part during the Easter celebration. 

Finally, the children will practice saying and identifying weather vocabulary and the clothes that we wear in different types of weather conditions. Stories and songs involved will be ‘The wind and the sun’, ‘l’araignée Gipsy’ and ‘Loup y est-tu?’. They will fabricate a Lily of the valley to celebrate May day in France.

We made a very good start by decorating our crowns to celebrate Epiphany the way the French would. smiley