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Welcome to the Year 3 class page! Mrs Jones is the class teacher in Tulips class and Mr Browne is the class teacher in Orchids class. Mr Easton will be supporting in Tulips Class. In Tulips class, there are 14 boys and 11 girls; in Orchids class, there are 10 girls and 13 boys.

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Class Code


Please familiarise yourselves with our classroom codes before entering either of the Year 3 classrooms; it is essential that we all follow these rules throughout the school day.

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This is the Autumn timetable for Year 3. Please note that we have PE on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Please ensure that children have their kit in school for these days. 


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We have PE on Tuesday and Thursday so we will need our PE kits on those days. As a reminder, it is expected children have a white t-shirt, black shorts, plimsolls for indoor, trainers for outdoor and a tracksuit for colder weather which are all labelled with children’s names. For health and safety purposes, earrings should not be worn on PE days or children must be able to remove them independently.

The first of our PE lessons is provided by Burton Albion staff and the second, is led by our class teacher. We are extremely lucky to have a MUGA (multi-use games area) on our playground. Our MUGA day is Wednesday so we will be excited about playtime on that day. During other days, we look forward to taking full advantage of the other activities provided for us at break and lunch times.


Dynamite Dollars 

Your child will be provided with a green homework book and a termly Dynamite Dollar Project sheet. Once your child has completed a challenge, they are to show to their teacher in order for dollars to be awarded and recorded. Work should be presented within the green homework book. Please see the Dynamite Dollar sheet for the deadline date. 

Dollars are not only awarded for completion of homework. If your child reads four times a week to an adult (and it is recorded correctly), they will receive one dollar. Dollars are also awarded for attendance and consistently positive behaviour.

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Book Bingo

Book Bingo is also continuing this year and you will find your child’s termly bingo boards in their reading record. Children need to read books by a variety of authors throughout the term. Let’s see how many children in Year 3 can get a cinema trip at the end of the year!

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Current Topic

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We are very excited to be starting our 'Come Fly with Me' topic shortly. We have lots of exciting opportunities coming up so keep your ears and eyes open to find out what we have in store!

Exciting Learning Opportunities 

Online Safety

Our 5 SMART rules

Whenever we use computers, iPads, tablets or mobile phones, we will be following our 5 SMART rules…


Safe: We are careful and do not give out personal information about yourself or anyone else when chatting or posting online.


Meeting: We know that meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous, so it’s not a good idea. We only meet someone with your parents’ or carer’s permission and even then, only when they are with us. We always remember that online friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.


Accepting: We understand that accepting emails, IM messages, or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know or trust can lead to problems—they may contain viruses or nasty messages!


Reliable: When we chat online, we know it is best to only chat to real world friends and family members. Sometimes, people online might lie about who they are. We always check information found on the internet because it might not be true. We use other websites and books to do this.


Tell: We always tell a parent, carer, trusted adult or phone Childline if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online. We know that we can always report to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) if we are worried about online abuse or the way that someone is chatting online. 



As new platforms which children may access are released regularly, this website creates particularly useful guides which provide parents, carers and trusted adults with the information they need to hold informed and age-appropriate conversations about online safety with their child, should they feel it is needed. These guides are updated every Wednesday, so check regularly. 

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Good to be Green


At River View, there is an expectation of outstanding behaviour at all times and this is no different in Year 3. We believe that high standards of behaviour need to be in place both in our school community and in the wider community, to show respect and to enable effective learning to take place. We encourage this by using the ‘Good to be Green’ system.

As part of the ‘Good to be Green’ system, all children start on green and stay there, unless they have to be spoken to about unacceptable behaviour that goes against school rules or class charters. If behaviours used will impact negatively on progress or well-being of children, then a verbal warning will be given. If the behaviour continues, a yellow card will be given. Yellow cards are an opportunity to quickly make the right choice and change the behaviour which means it should quickly be turned back to green. If the child does not make the right choice, they will receive a red card or progressed to red. If this happens, children will be sent for time out in Miss Pickett’s room with their work, the red card will be recorded on the class sheet and the child will attend the reflection room at the next playtime in order to complete a think sheet.

At the end of each half term, there is a ‘Good to be green’ reward to celebrate good behaviour.  All children can attend this if they have had less than three red cards in any half term. We can’t wait to celebrate fantastic behaviour in Year 3!

Previous Learning

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Meet the Flinstones

During the Autumn Term, Year 3 will be time travelling back to the Stone Age to ‘Meet the Flintstones’. Over the next term, we will jump into our time machine and learn all about the Stone Age man, specifically focusing upon how we have found out about life in the Stone Age and the important discoveries and changes that happened during this time period. After October half term, we will be going on an exciting trip (letters will be sent in due course confirming date and arrangements for the day).

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