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Outdoor Play and Learning

At River View Primary & Nursery School, we believe that all children and young people have the right to good quality play that makes lunch times really memorable. Playing outdoors enhances learning and is fundamental for children and young people to thrive, be creative, develop their imagination and generally have a great time at school. With the rise of technology and screen time in children's lives, we recognise childhoods have changed but children haven't.  We feel passionately about providing children with great play that accomodate all of the 16 different play types.


To this end, we are implementing the OPAL Primary Programme and are enjoying many fantastic benefits at these early stages. We are adopting an ‘access all areas, in all weathers’ approach, where pupils have access to green space, varied environments and a wealth of play opportunities through a wide range of play equipment, small and large loose parts and much, much more. 


We are at the very early stages of implementation so this is an area that will grow and develop over time.

What does this mean for our children?


  • happier children
  • children who are ready to learn
  • a fully inclusive playtime offer
  • an opportunity to be creative, make decisions and assess risk
  • children develop resilience and independence skills
  • increased social skills
  • ... most importantly FUN!



OPAL Gallery

Cardboard City

Mud Kitchen

Wheels R Us

Creative Courtyard

Trim Trail