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Vision and Values


Our Vision:

Through curiosity, exploration and experience we learn, grow and succeed together in a nurturing environment.



Our Mission:

To plan and implement short, medium and long-term goals which ensure that: 

  •  All pupils are making good or outstanding progress

  • Children are offered a wide range of experiences

  • Children are taught to reflect on their behaviour and seek to repair harm in a meaningful way

  •  Children are nurtured and feel safe and valued in our community

  •  Leadership and management of the school, including governors, work together to  build a team  that is sharply focused on  achieving  high standards for all pupils within a motivating and innovative learning environment.  



Our Values:

Together we make our community 'RICHER'


R = Respect

I = Independence 

C = Caring

H = Helpful

E = Equality

R = Resilience