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Welly donation

As the weather changes, all children will need a pair of wellies to access the field and the mud kitchen area. All classes have a welly shed and inside there is a name tag for each child. Children will keep their wellies in the sheds so that they have them accessible for when they need them. These sheds are locked whenever they are not being used to ensure their belongings are kept safe.


We appreciate the expense of wellies and are trying to build a 'Welly Library' from donated wellies. The idea behind this is that children can come and ask us to borrow a pair , which they then can keep in their class shed until they no longer need them. We are very grateful for all the welly donations so for but we are still in need of more, especially the size 13 and the bigger sizes for the older children (size 2-6).


If you have any wellies or know anyone who don't require theirs anymore, please drop them off in the welly donation box outside the main office.