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Making 5!

Week 7: This week are learning to follow sequences. 

Week 6: Who has more? Who has less?

Week 5: Counting to 5. 

Week 4: All about patterns!

Week 3: 

This week we have been learning to sort and order. We have been thinking about sorting by size and colour as well as ordering the way in which we get dressed. 

Week 2:

This week we are learning to identify the ‘odd one out’ in a set. We are thinking about why objects are the same and why some objects are different. 

Week 1: This week we began our Maths No Problem learning journey! We have explored matching in a range of different ways. First we matched objects by colour before matching ladybirds with the same number of spots. 

We then explored matching by function. First we matched objects such as toothbrush and toothpaste and knife and fork. We then matched the pictures in our books and finally we drew our own objects that go together.