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Autumn - Lower phase book club


The children in the Lower Phase book club have been reading ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne this half term.


We didn’t look at the book straight away! We were told the title and the blurb and we had a discussion about what the little girl and the gorilla might get up to on their amazing night out. We designed our own front covers to show our predictions.


We looked at the front cover and wrote some questions we’d like to ask about the book.



We enjoyed reading the book. Some children shared the book with a partner and some children enjoyed reading it quietly by themselves. We found the illustrations interesting and they sparked a lot of discussions.


After we had read the book, we came together to discuss it.  We said what we liked and dislike about the book. We said who we would recommend the book to and why. Here are some of our comments:


”At the end, the father is kind and takes her somewhere.” (Sarah, Y3)

”The gorilla was on the screen at the cinema.” (Theo, Y1)

”I liked it when the gorilla took her to the movie theatre.” (Shay, Y1)

”The gorilla took her to different places and then at the end the dad took her somewhere.” (Lujza, Y3)

“She had fun.” (Jasmine, Y2)

”I liked it when the dad took the little girl somewhere.” (Nova, Y2)