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Here is some of our French in action. 

March is the month of 'carnaval' in France and the year 1 have been making masks linked to our topic of Farm animals. Here is the result of their work!

Our carnival masks.

The children in year 6 have been hard at work studying the topic of food and drinks. After creating or adapting an existing role-play at a café, they practiced with each other. 

Ordering drinks and ice cream role-plays

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To finish our topic of food in year6, we looked at the ingredients required to make 'croque Monsieurs'and we followed the recipe to make and taste them. Let's just say the year 6 really enjoyed them and asked for more! 

Throughout the year groups, the children have been celebrating 'la fete des rois' or 'kings day'. In France, on January the 6th, it is traditional to eat a sweet pie with a charm/trinket placed inside. Whoever finds it in their portion becomes the king or queen for the day and gets to wear a crown.

In year 4, we got to make the sweet pie! We looked at the ingredients in French and everyone got involved in cooking. All the children got to tried it and whoever got the charm in their portions got to wear the golden crown!.

Year 5 has been developing their vocabulary on the topic of the weather. They practiced recalling weather expressions whilst participating in a 5 in a row activity with their partners. 

Year 5 also used a weather map to check whether the statements given to them were true or false. 

In year 6, the children have been practicing making complex sentences about what can be found in their town. 

In year 4, whilst working on the topic of sports, the children took part in a matching activity in small groups.