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Music Curriculum

Music Around the School

  • Pupils participate in a weekly singing assembly. They do a variety of warm-ups and through this learn about vocal health and the importance of good posture and breathing. They learn and rehearse a range of songs, which often link to a current festival or event, or the assembly theme of the week.

  • Pupils listen to a different piece of music each week as they enter and leave main assemblies. These pieces of music are selected carefully to ensure pupils are exposed to a wide range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.


  • Year 3 and Year 5 participate in a singing lesson with Mr Robinson every week.


  • Throughout the Autumn term, Year 4 pupils have a weekly whole-class instrumental lesson with Miss Williams. They are learning how to play the toot (a beginner flute).


  • Some of the children at River View have a weekly violin lesson with Mrs Edwards.


  • Some of the children at River View have a weekly flute or clarinet lesson with Miss Williams.



  • Children have lots of opportunities to practise, apply, and develop their music skills as part of special events and celebrations throughout the year. Children in all year groups learn, practise and perform songs for the Harvest Festival and Christmas performances. Certain year groups are also involved in other events such as May Day celebrations and the end-of-year summer production.



  • Years 1-6 have a weekly French lesson, in which they do lots of their learning through singing songs with Madame Baker.


  • Children sing songs as part of their learning in Forest School.