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My Happy Mind

What is My Happy Mind?


My Happy Mind is an award winning, NHS backed, whole school and nursery curriculum. It teaches children preventative habits that support positive mental health, resilience and self-esteem.


How is My Happy Mind delivered?


My Happy Mind is taught across the year in 5 modules. Each module introduces a new set of content and habits to help support children’s mental wellbeing.


  1. Meet Your Brain. This Module helps children to understand how their brain works and how to look after it when they are feeling sad, scared or worried. They will learn all about Neuroplasticity. In this module they meet Team H-A-P and Berty and Betty.
  2. Celebrate. This Module is all focussed on building children’s self-esteem. Children will learn about 5 Character Strengths that make them unique and special and will spot these in themselves and others. In this module they meet Charlie.
  3. Appreciate. This Module is all about children showing gratitude and how this can make us feel amazing! In this module they meet Arabella.  
  4. Relate. This Module supports children with friendships and teaches them how to be a good friend. They will learn the key skills of Active Listening and how to see things from a different perspective. I this module they meet Rose.
  5. Engage. This Module is all focused on children setting Big Dream Goals. They will learn the 3 steps of how to set a goal and how this will support their happiness and achievements. This module builds the skills of perseverance. In this module they meet Ernie.

Happiness Heroes


We have just created our Happiness Heroes team with the aim of spreading happiness around our school and supporting other children with their wellbeing by encouraging the use of techniques such as Happy Breathing. Our Happiness Heroes team consist of 1 child from each class voted for by their peers. 

My Happy Mind Journals


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have loved filling in their My Happy Mind journals as part of their weekly sessions. These journals help the children to reflect on what they have been discussing in the sessions, changes that they might want to make, goals that they want to set themselves or simply used as a reminder as to how unique and amazing they are.