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Thursday 24th November: We played 1,2,3 where are you. Then the Forest Gonk gave us the present of an Elf, could we make the Elf a home?

Thursday 24th November PM, The Forest Gonk gave us another message. Santa had been out on a trial run, unforunately he dropped all his presents, could we collect them and make a sleigh?

Tuesday 1st November AM - We found a note from two monkies lost in the forest, we went on a hunt to find them.

Tuesday 1st November PM - we went on a worm hunt, we found loads! We looked at nests and tried to make our own.

Tuesday 18th October AM - We went on a leaf hunt and collected lots of differant colours, then made pumpkin collages.

Tuesday 18th October PM. We started off playing 1,2,3 where are you. We did some some pumpkin carving, the children had great fun touching the inside of the pumpkin.

Morning Nursery 11th Oct : We learnt the forest school rules, played 1,2,3, where are you. the investigated the forest school area.

PM nursery 11th October; we planned with the parachute, then played the hedgehog game, we then headed up to the fire circle and went through the FS rules and had a good explore.