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Pupil voice - home reading books

Do you like choosing your reading book from the crates in your classroom? Why?


Upper Key Stage 2

“Yes, because I'm in control of choosing a book that I am interested in.”

“Yes, because even though there is less choice, there are more books in there that I’m interested in. And even though there are only three crates there are lots of books in each one.”

“It's relaxing and makes me happy."


Lower Key Stage 2

”I like the crates because they show you what they are about.”

”I like choosing my own book.”

”I like learning different things from different types of books.”

”I like it better. I always have a book when there’s nothing to do at home.” 
“Yes, there’s lots of interesting books.”

“We get to read different categories.”

“I like it because we get to read more books.” 

“I like the baskets.” 

“I like having big books.”

“I enjoy choosing my book from the crate, it’s easier.”

“I enjoy choosing my book from the crate because there’s more to choose from.”

“I prefer this way because there are more and better books.”

Which crate/book has been your favourite so far? (Author/topic)


Upper Key Stage 2

“Michael Morpurgo”

“The poems, I really enjoy reading poems.”

What crate would you like to have in your classroom? Why? (Author/topic)


Upper Key Stage 2

“Mythical stories that capture my attention.”

”I would really like to read some biographies and some books written by David Williams.”


Lower Key Stage 2

”I would like superhero books.”

”I’d like best friend books and boys and Dads.”

”I’d like non-fiction and stories about animals.”

“I’d like David Walliams – he’s my favourite author.” 
“I’d like a Julia Donaldson crate.” 
“I’d like to read books about witches.” 
“I’d like comic books.”

”I’d like adventure books.”

Is it better than when you chose books from the corridor baskets or reading corner in your classroom? Why?


Upper Key Stage 2

“I like the crates in the classroom because there are thicker books to read.”

“They give you some books you have to pick out. The books in the corner before were sometimes ripped.”

Do you like having a book bag? Why? 

Upper Key Stage 2

“Yes, because it helps me not to lose the book.”

”Yes, because I have somewhere to keep my book so that I do not lose it.”

 “Yes, because I would always lose my book and panic I needed to bring it in the next day."