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Our Topic this term is, 'Once Upon a Time...'. For the first half-term we are going to be doing lots of learning around the story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have an exciting drama workshop booked, we will be making puppets and we'll be trying to make some 'just right' porridge! 

27th February

We are becoming more confident with using colourful semantics to help us compose sentences. We have been writing about the story, ‘The Koala Who Could’. 

Continuous Provision Photos: January - February

Tuesday 30th January 2024

We have been reading the story, ‘Owl Babies’ in our ‘Talk Through Stories’ time. We used colourful semantics to develop our language and literacy skills whilst describing what we could see in the forest. 

11th January - Making Porridge!


We had a really exciting afternoon making our very own porridge! We all had a go at adding and mixing the ingredients. When all of the ingredients had been added, it was put in the microwave to cook.

Once the porridge was cooked, we all had the opportunity to try the porridge! When we tried it we spoke about the taste and whether we liked it or not.