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Year 5

Curriculum Overview Summer 2

Curriculum overview (Summer 1)

Here are some pictures of our interactive display table which should give you some clues about our next topic. We don't want to give too much away at this stage, as the children will be investigating these items themselves.

"I've got the magic in me"

This term we are starting a very exciting topic "I've got the magic in me" which revolves around the magical and enchanting Harry Potter books.


In History we'll be looking in depth at the local history of Burton, focusing on the significance of the Brewery.

In Art and Design we'll be learning about great artists throughout time, especially those who created portraits.

In Science we'll be participating in a variety of experiments during "Potions Classes". We will be examining the properties and changes of materials.

In Geography we'll be taking part in the "Triwizard Tournament". We will be using our geographical skills to deepen our understanding of countries and make comparisons.

In Computing we'll learning how a green screen works and create our own short movie sequences.

In Music we'll be listening to a variety of music thinking about the impact on the listener. We will then use this knowledge to compose music for a range of purposes.

In Design Technology we'll be designing, making and evaluating different types of food for a feast.


We will also be taking part in a young enterprise activity, where we will be using and applying a variety of skills.


Plus our highly anticipated trip to

"Harry Potter Studios".


To get a sneak peek here is a link to the studios website: